Customer Acquisition Strategy & Management

Acquire Your Ideal Customer More Efficiently

Each month after spending your marketing dollars on a variety of customer acquisition efforts you’re left with the same question: which efforts had the highest ROI? For maximum spend efficiency, it’s important to understand who your qualified prospects are and where they’re spending time online.

Effective customer acquisition involves reaching your target customer where they are and influencing them to choose your product over many other options. In a highly competitive market, winning both your target customers’ attention and dollars is a challenge. This can be achieved through:

  • Capturing search demand through PPC campaigns to reach your audience while they’re looking for someone just like you
  • Reaching new and relevant audiences online with targeted paid social advertising
  • Bringing on-the-fence website visitors back to your site through compelling paid remarketing campaigns
  • Managing local SEO so potential customers can easily find you
  • Tapping into a virtual sales force via affiliate marketing to reach new customers in a high intent online environment
  • Developing a content marketing strategy to create content around topics your audience is interested in and drive awareness and traffic from relevant audiences

Whether your brand is struggling to stand out in the crowd or to prove that ever important ROI, NordicClick is up to the challenge.

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