Conversion Rate Optimization

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Conversion Rate Optimization
Your website is one of the top places people engage with your business. Are you making it easy for them to do so, or are you unknowingly creating roadblocks? Without a clear view into how people interact with your website, optimizing your site to help them take key actions, like making a purchase or filling out a form, can become like a game of chance.

Conversion rate optimization is the continual process of improving key paths and pages on your website to eliminate barriers and increase conversions. From a cluttered design to ineffective form copy, any number of factors could be keeping your audience from converting on your website - and keeping your business from reaching its goals. At NordicClick, we dig into the why behind how people interact with your website to remove barriers and create a strategy for growth.

  • Build and conduct user experience tests to get answers straight from your visitors
  • Set up heatmaps on your website to gain insights on how visitors interact with your site
  • Dig into the analytics to provide actionable insights on your audience behavior

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90% of searchers haven’t made their mind up about a brand before starting their search. Will your landing page convince them? (Status Labs, 2018)