Brand Awareness

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Brand Awareness
With millions of different products and services for consumers to choose from, how does your brand become known? Whether launching a new business or product, or scaling an existing one, creating awareness is one of the foundational components of growth.

Effective brand awareness efforts build brand recognition and establish association of products or services with your brand name. By finding and reaching your brand’s niche audience with the right content, you can raise brand awareness and foster a loyal following. A few ways to do this include:

  • Developing a content marketing and social media strategy to create and share quality content around conversations relevant to your brand
  • Reaching new audiences with your brand message through awareness-oriented display advertising campaigns
  • Managing local SEO to ensure content is consistent across store location pages and N.A.P. so the right people can find you
  • Optimizing your website with technical and on-page SEO so your brand shows up in the right searches
  • Engaging with your audience where they’re spending time online through social media
At NordicClick we help to define your brand’s value propositions and goals so you can stand out from the crowd and reach the audience who needs you most.

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Viewers who watched an ad twice on mobile had a 23% lift in unaided brand awareness, on average. What is your brand doing to make an impact? (Ipsos, Google, 2016)