Case Study: Technical SEO + Home Improvement Retailer

After a 50% drop in organic traffic, this major retailer rebounded traffic with the help of proper technical SEO implementation

kitchen backsplash tile, cabinets, and counter top


Having recently re-platformed their ecommerce site, a national omni-channel retailer came to NordicClick after experiencing a 50% drop in organic traffic and revenue. The client had a new team in place that came on board after the migration so not only were they new to the organization, but they were dealing with the immediate challenge of regaining lost revenue and opportunities.

bathtub and bathroom tiles


We performed a comprehensive site audit covering both technical and content-related aspects. Through this audit, we identified a number of issues ranging from missing/duplicate metadata to utter lack of content stemming from the heavy use of image-based text blocks. The first, and most obvious finding, however, was a basic failure to implement 301 redirects across the entire site—specifically in “/shop/” related pages.

Based on the findings from our audit, we worked with the client and their partners to implement a range of technical and on-site content updates. Some were simple fixes while others were more complex. A sampling of this includes:

  • Proper 301 redirect mapping
  • Metadata optimization
  • On-page content and keyword optimizations
  • Site structure and hierarchical changes
  • Sitemap error fixes
  • Robots.txt error fixes
  • Implementation of microdata
kitchen backsplash, cabinets, and counter top


As a result of these efforts, organic performance began to rebound the month after implementation with full recovery taking place at roughly the six-month mark. Fast forward to today – eighteen months and several optimizations in place later – and organic performance is now exceeding pre-drop off levels by more than 30% across multiple KPIs.

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