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Digital Marketing for Professional Service Organizations

More than 10-years’ Experience Working with Financial Groups, Law Firms & Insurance Providers

Whether you’re selling retirement packages, life insurance, or legal advice, professional services marketing can be a long and winding road. Your customer has some big decisions to make, and they won’t (and shouldn’t) take that lightly. After all, you’re not just selling a one-time use product; what you’re selling will impact your customer’s life. How will you gain their trust?

A well-executed professional services marketing strategy helps you connect with the right prospects, engages them along the journey across multiple touchpoints, and ultimately delivers the best qualified leads to your sales team. This involves such efforts as:

  • Capturing in-market audiences through paid search campaigns while they’re researching services like yours
  • Developing a content marketing strategy to educate and equip prospects with the information they need when they need it, so they feel confident about their decision
  • Nurturing leads who are on the fence with highly personalized messaging through paid remarketing and email campaigns to win their trust
  • Using conversion optimization tactics to ensure your website is as helpful to your prospects as you would be in person
Ask us how we used paid platforms to double sales qualified leads year over year for a financial services company.
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At NordicClick, we devise a strategy to help you maximize the touchpoints between you and your target audience. As your partner, we ensure your marketing dollars are spent wisely and help establish your firm as the one your prospects choose to rely on.