Web Development


Build and maintain a website where form and function go hand in hand

Web Development and Design is an umbrella term for the process of building, creating, designing, and maintaining a website. Getting this process right means everything to your digital footprint in today’s world. Regardless of your business model, your website is your home base. More often than not, this makes it your brand’s first impression. The functionality, ease of use, aesthetics, and overall ability to help you accomplish your business goals is inherently important to your digital success.

At NordicClick, we approach a website redesign as more than just a new flashy exterior. When it comes to a website redesign, form and function need to be a package deal. Our team will combine search engine optimization best practices along with design to create one powerful strategy to guide your website redesign right from the start!

Our web development team is seasoned in both search engine optimization as well as WordPress, Drupal, Google Tag Manager, and a host of other platforms and development tools. Pair this with expertise in Adobe Creative Cloud and other design tools, and you have a team of design-informed developers, prepared to take on any website need you may have.

Our Web Development and Design Services Include:
  • Website refresh/redesign
  • Content Management System (CMS) selection
  • CMS management
  • Website maintenance
  • SEO strategy to maintain website search rank

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Our Process


First, we work with you to define your goals and timeline as well as thoughts for layout and look of the site in order to set the project scope.

Design & Develop

Next, we get started on the wireframes and layout of the site to ensure it meets both brand standards and the needs of your users.

Test & Launch

We conduct thorough testing of the site’s functionality on all devices and browsers before launch to ensure there are no surprises when we go live.


Once the site has been launched, we stand by to monitor, troubleshoot, test and tweak as needed.
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