User Testing Strategy & Management

Become the Industry Authority—For Both Search Engines & Your Audience

Usability testing removes the guesswork around why your landing pages aren’t converting and allows the opportunity to see where the roadblocks exist on your site. Additionally, it provides first-hand insight into the mindset of real users as they navigate specified tasks and provide audio, video and written feedback.

As your user testing partner, NordicClick has the expertise to help you successfully manage:

  • Testing for Both Websites and Mobile Apps
  • Compliance Review of UX Best Practices
  • Scenario Buildout
  • Results Analysis
  • Competitive Comparison Review
  • Key Finding Presentation

With usability testing from NordicClick, you get the benefit of our years of experience building test scenarios that deliver unbiased and actionable results to improve your site’s user experience (UX) and, ultimately, boost conversion rate.

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What Our Clients Say

“The user testing work performed by NordicClick helped reveal several issues on our website. Through their work we were able to identify and correct several areas of the site that were not easily navigable to visitors; leading to improved bounce and conversion rates.”
— Miles Eakins, Director of Marketing - Nonin Medical

Our Process

First, we work with you to determine the goal of the usability study and what your brand hopes to gain after the test.

Next, we get to work designing a series of tasks and questions that will guide users while encouraging unfiltered feedback as the go.

Implement & Test
Once the test is launched, we review the video feedback in order to provide a detailed analysis of our findings based upon user actions.

Analyze & Report
To cap off the project, we present the key themes learned and recommendations you can implement right away.