Social Media Marketing


Connect with and nurture customer relationships by showing your brand’s unique personality

Social Media Marketing is the practice of creating and sharing content across social media platforms to increase brand awareness and develop a relationship with your target audience.

At NordicClick, we recognize social media as a vital piece of your brand’s digital footprint. Gone are the days when ad hoc social posts were enough for your brand to be “doing social media.” Today, not only does an active and engaged social profile send signals of relevancy to search engines, but it also creates significant touch-points between your brand and target audience.

In an age of endless options and information at our fingertips, social media marketing helps you:

  • Improve your brand’s relevance in the eyes of search engines and users
  • Communicate directly and build a relationship with your target audience
  • Show the human side of your business and convey your unique brand personality

In a typical company, those in social media often lack access and influence with the right people in the organization to view the brand’s entire digital footprint with clarity.

That’s where NordicClick comes in. Our digital marketing experience equips us to work across all digital channels of your brand, aligning your social media strategy with your other channels to create a cohesive cross-channel strategy.

Our team will take an  individualized approach with you in order to create a personalized strategy to achieve your specific business goals. We work with B2B and B2C companies across various industries, including Manufacturing, Education, Health and Fitness, and many more.

Our Social Media Services Include:
  • Strategy development
  • Social profile setup and optimization
  • Current program audit
  • Personalized social media plan
  • Detailed social posting calendar
  • Competitive/Industry review
  • Comprehensive reporting
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Our Process


Guided by your specific business goals, we then create a social strategy and content calendar outlining a custom plan for social success.

Implement & Test

Once the plan has been implemented, we can dig in and find the areas that worked well with your audience and the areas that need improvement.


Armed with enough data and a mindset of continuous improvement, we tweak the strategy, implement changes, and test again.
Social Advertising

Want to take your social media strategy a step further? Try one of the many paid advertising opportunities in social.

By nature, social media platforms possess explicit insight into their users’ interests because of their direct visibility into demographic, psychographic, and behavioral information. This makes advertising on social networks a great way to reach high quality audiences. And as the use and popularity of social media builds, this form of paid media only becomes more of a no-brainer.

Social Advertising can help you:

  • Build brand awareness and increase visibility
  • Find your audience based on the pages they like, recent life events, and household information
  • Reach your target audience with multiple touch-points
  • Target tailored content toward a specific audience segment
  • Compete with brands already using paid social
  • Re-engage previous site visitors or a known customer base via retargeting ads
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