Affiliate Marketing


Bolster new customer acquisition and conversions with affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing, also known as pay for performance marketing, is an exchange between three parties: the brand, the affiliate publisher, and, most importantly, the consumer.

Affiliate marketing is best explained by its slogan, “Pay Only for Results.” Brands pay a negotiated commission to affiliate publishers in exchange for an agreed upon action (a sale, in most cases). Think of affiliate publishers as an extension of your brand. They act on your brand’s behalf as virtual sales reps, using their own site to sell your goods and services to their network of users. They do this in an effort to improve the user experience of their site visitors and to earn a predetermined commission.

Pay for performance marketing is highly cost-effective. Unlike with other advertising methods, brands can build awareness among new audiences without incurring advertising costs. You never pay for impressions or clicks – only results. Ideal for brands large and small, pay for performance marketing is low risk, drives incremental conversions to new audiences, produces high margins, and creates free brand exposure.

As your digital marketing agency, NordicClick serves as the bridge that connects your brand to affiliate partners and, ultimately, to the end consumer. With over twenty years of combined pay for performance marketing management experience, NordicClick has built strong relationships with affiliate publishers across all industries, ranging from niche content and review sites, to the largest ecommerce platforms on the World Wide Web. We leverage these relationships on your behalf to deliver a smooth and successful pay for performance marketing experience for your business.

Our Affiliate Services Include:
  • Strategy development
  • Network recommendation and set up
  • Recruitment and partner assessment
  • Promotional management
  • Insertion order negotiation and publisher communication
  • Fraud and compliance monitoring
  • Competitive/Industry review
  • Comprehensive reporting
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Our Process


First, we work with you to narrow down which of the affiliate networks will work best for you based on your specific business goals.

Recruit & Engage

Next, we employ various recruitment strategies followed by a detailed vetting process to ensure you have quality publishers who can maintain your brand image.

Monitor & Manage

We manage your program and remain in constant contact with your affiliate publishers regarding brand guidelines, insertion orders and compliance monitoring.


After your brand is established in the network, we analyze performance and seek out new opportunities to boost profit and increase brand exposure.
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