Remarketing Strategy & Management

Re-Engage Past Site Visitors with Personalized Messaging

Using sophisticated behavior-based targeting (e.g. visited my landing page but didn’t convert), remarketing (also known as retargeting) is a highly cost-effective way to reconnect with, and incentivize, qualified audiences to move further along the conversion path.

As your remarketing partner, NordicClick has the expertise to help you successfully manage:

  • Strategic Planning, Set-up & Ongoing Management
  • Behavior-based Audience List Creation
  • Pricing Models & Budgets
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Ad Creation & Testing
  • Performance Reporting

Ready to re-engage and reclaim top-of-mind consideration with your prospects? We guarantee upfront, no-surprise pricing designed to maximize traffic, conversion and the return on your ad spend.

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Our Process

First, we examine your website for opportunities to re-engage visitors at valuable stages throughout the customer journey.

Next, we develop audiences based on those opportunities that we can then retarget with compelling ads and offers.

Armed with a strategy, we help you develop and launch ads to regain your audience’s attention while they are online.

Monitor & Optimize
As data accumulates, we analyze audiences, creative, and offers to uncover opportunities for testing and growth.