Mobile Optimization

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Mobile Optimization
If your website has responsive design then you are good to go on mobile, right? Not quite. From usability, to page load times, and differing behavior between devices, there is a lot to account for when it comes to providing a good user experience on mobile.

Effective mobile optimization ensures your website is set up correctly from both a technical and a user experience standpoint on all devices. These optimizations often include:

  • Ensuring your mobile design is engaging visitors
  • Fast page load times to enhance search rankings
  • Easy-to-find store information for local searches
Whether you have identified an issue with your website or are unsure why it is not performing well on mobile, NordicClick can help make sure your website meets speed and performance best-practice requirements while working seamlessly from any device.

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With more than 50% of searches on Google and 30% of online purchases made from mobile, is your website ready?