Affiliate Marketing Strategy & Management

Bolster New Customer Acquisition and Conversion

Ideal for brands large and small, affiliate marketing is a low-risk form of pay-for-performance marketing which drives incremental awareness, acquisition and conversion to new, qualified audiences. And, the best part, you pay only for conversions… not on impressions, clicks, etc.

As your affiliate management partner, NordicClick has the expertise to help you successfully manage:

  • Strategy development
  • Network recommendation and set up
  • Recruitment and partner assessment
  • Insertion order negotiation and publisher communication
  • Promotional management
  • Fraud and compliance monitoring
  • Competitive/Industry review
  • Comprehensive reporting

Looking to move the needle? When done right, affiliate marketing has the ability to move the needle (in a relatively short amount of time). And, to further expedite results, we’ve built strong relationships with top affiliate publishers over the past 10-years ranging from niche content and review sites to the largest super affiliates and ecommerce retailers.

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Our Process

First, we work with you to narrow down which of the affiliate networks will work best for you based on your specific business goals.

Recruit & Engage
Next, we employ various recruitment strategies followed by a detailed vetting process to ensure you have quality publishers who can maintain your brand image.

Monitor & Manage
We manage your program and remain in constant contact with your affiliate publishers regarding brand guidelines, insertion orders and compliance monitoring.

After your brand is established in the network, we analyze performance and seek out new opportunities to boost profit and increase brand exposure.