A new year means a fresh start – on your diet, your workout regimen, your habits, your hobbies. As digital marketers, one of the places we like to start fresh periodically is on paid search ad copy. So, we turned to the team and polled a few for their best advice on writing effective ad copy.

We asked: “What is one word of advice to live by when it comes to producing fantastic paid search ad copy?” Here’s what they had to say…

1. “Have multiple people look at your ad copy and tell you what they notice first. Having a fresh set of eyes always provides a whole new perspective on the copy.” – Garrett

2. “My best advice is to look at the actual search engine results pages (SERPs). See what ads you’re competing against and then come up with more compelling ad copy than what is already there.” – Anna

3. “This is a simple one and kind of a no-brainer, but include your search keywords! Don’t make your prospects guess what you have to offer. When it’s prudent to do so, make the connection between their search query and your ad crystal clear by including the keywords you are bidding on in the headline.” – Maggie

4. “Quite simply, use IF Functions and Ad Customizers.” – Adam

5. “Always ask, ‘How will this product benefit the searcher?’ Consumers are wired to be selfish. They are looking for answers to help solve a problem. Focus your ad copy on your product’s benefits and what sets you apart from your competitors. I’ve seen far too many ads where the top 3 ads on the SERP all have the same headline, and nothing sets them apart from each other.” – Brooke

6. “Sometimes it’s okay to be funny! It will make your ad copy stand out above the rest, even if you aren’t in the top spot.” – Desiree

7. “Have a strong, clear call to action. Focus on the benefits of specific features versus simply calling out the features. Always approach ad copy from a “why should my customer care” standpoint.” – Jeff

8. “Always test the headline/copy first and let the data decide.” – Taylor

9. “Write out as many iterations and combinations of headlines and descriptions as you can think of. Then go back and narrow down to the top four or five. You have to work through a handful of throwaway ads before you get your best work.” – Katie

10. “Use energetic and descriptive language. Yes, you’re working within a narrow character limit, but that should inspire you to be even more creative with how you express your ad message.” – Carrie

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