Question: What is the difference between boosting a post and promoting a post on Facebook?

I hear this question frequently and it is a good one, as if you are not familiar with the full realm of Facebook targeting options it can be pretty unclear what the differences are.

The short answer:

A promoted post allows the advertiser more control over targeting and bids and does not require the post to be on your brand’s Facebook wall.

The long answer:

Boosting a Post

Boosting a post is the easiest option for Facebook advertising as you can do it right from the post on your Facebook page. This is why it is a popular choice for those first starting out with Facebook advertising.

But is it the best choice to get the results you want?


What are the targeting options?

People who like your page, People who like your page + their friends, location (city, state), interests (any page they like on Facebook) and age.

If you are running an ad and are looking for a very broad audience, this level of targeting may be enough for you.

Where do they appear on Facebook?

Only in the Desktop or Mobile Newsfeed

Can I select a specific bid?

No, you are only allowed to select an overall budget

Can you edit a boosted post?

No, you are unable to edit either the text or image while a post is boosted. In order to edit the post you will need to delete the post and start again.

Keep in mind:

Boosted posts need to follow the same advertising policies as the promoted posts. The main one to keep in mind is Facebook’s 20% text rule on images. Use the grid tool to check your images before posting.

Promoting a Post

Promoting a post may seem like a more daunting task than boosting, but for those looking to target a more specific audience the results are worth the extra time.

Right off the bat within Ads Manager we are given more options helping you to specify the objective of the post.


If just boosting a post that is already on your wall is still your main objective then you are able to do that in Ads Manager as well BUT with the full array of targeting options!

What are the targeting options?

The same targeting options above are available + gender, language, demographics, behaviors, and many more. The most beneficial additional targeting option for the promoted posts are the custom audiences that you are able to create through an email list or visitors to your website.

Where do they appear on Facebook?

You can choose between the Newsfeed, Right Column or the Audience Network (not Facebook)

Can I select a specific bid?

You are able to optimize your ad for either engagement, impressions or reach + choose an ad schedule + delivery type + a specific bid!

Can you edit a promoted post?

Yes! At any time during your ad campaign you are able to edit any targeting, text or creative aspects of your ad.

The options for promoting a post may seem daunting at first, but use them as a way to fully think through your Facebook ad – what is our objective? who is our target audience? what am I willing to pay to reach them? 

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