The product detail page is a make or break touch point to any e-commerce website. It is where visitors view options and compare choices. Since this stage requires a decision by the customer, it must be compelling. Customers can’t hold your product so your page better be the next best thing.

We took a deeper dive into product detail page must-haves and found areas that need improvement. In September, we will release our 2018 Updated Retail Study, but in the meantime – we examined the results of our previous study. The 2017 E-Commerce Retail Study revealed 4 missed opportunities by top retailers regarding product detail pages.

1. Offer Side-by-Side Comparisons

Key Finding: 16 of the 50 top retailers had side by side comparisons on their product detail pages.

This number is disappointingly low. When there are multiple product options, it will overwhelm the customer. No matter the value of the product, comparison tools are always helpful. Providing a comparison helps the customer make a quick and confident decision.



2. Provide Clear Filter Options

Key Finding: Only 16 of the 50 top retailers used successful filtering options on their product detail pages.

On large catalog sites, filters are a necessity. Success happens when e-commerce sites offer filters that bring 4,000 products down to four relevant picks based on an individual’s needs. Not only is filtering helpful to the customer, but it gives companies insight into data gained from the filter. These added elements on a product detail page push the customer toward a conversion.


3. Present Links to FAQs, Shipping Details, and Privacy Policy Prominently on Mobile

Key Finding: 20 of the 50 top retailers displayed important information prominently on mobile devices.

Links to FAQs, shipping details, and the privacy policy are needed factors to a customer before purchase. Many people use mobile for shopping purposes, which is why it is vital to keep your company’s product detail pages up to date on all devices.


4.Communicate Clear Shipping Time Frames

Key Finding: 21 of the 50 top retailers offered shipping time frames that made sense to the customer.

We live in a society where when we want something, we want it now. With no surprise, customers tend to follow this model. Product availability and delivery time will determine if a customer moves forward. If customers need an assured delivery date, this is the place they look. The capability of providing shipping time frames is about logistics, integrations, and e-commerce platforms. Unfortunately, most of the top 50 retailers do not yet have the level of sophistication needed to achieve and maintain this leg up.


In total, high quality product detail pages are key to success for e-commerce sites. Make sure your company isn’t missing out on these four must-haves. Want to learn more? Read our 2018 E-commerce Retail Benchmark Study.

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