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How Is AdWords Changing Exact Match?

How Is AdWords Changing Exact Match?

by Mackenzie Forcier • April 3, 2017

Google recently announced a change for exact match close variants. Close variants used to mean your ad could show for misspellings, singular and plural forms, acronyms, abbreviations, stemmings and accents of the exact match keyword in your ad group. Moving forward, close variants will also include rewording and reordering of the exact match keyword. What is […]

The Secret To Your Paid Media Strategy

The Secret To Your Paid Media Strategy: Facebook Ads + Paid Search

by Mackenzie Forcier • June 29, 2016

Over 1.4 billion people in the world use Facebook and more than 900 million people visit every day. This social platform’s large engaged user base unlocks advanced targeting capabilities for advertisers to provide highly relevant ads to a specific audience of users, helping businesses reach the right people. This network can help you drive brand […]


Look Ahead to Hero Conf 2016

by Mackenzie Forcier • March 22, 2016

After attending Hero Conf 2015 in Portland and returning with a large list of actionable PPC strategies for our accounts, we have decided to return in 2016. I, along with two other NordicClick employees will be heading to Philadelphia, April 25-27 to take in the birthplace of America and the world’s largest all PPC conference.  […]