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Dear Knoxie: Why Is My Ad Not Approved on Facebook?

by Knoxie • April 20, 2020

Dear Knoxie: I’m in marketing for a medical device company and we use Facebook ads to drive traffic to our products. I created a great new Facebook ad that speaks directly to my target audience but received a notification that it was disapproved. Why isn’t my ad approved? What can I do? Sincerely,  Perplexed Pete […]


Dear Knoxie: Why Isn’t My PPC Ad Showing Up?

by Knoxie • October 15, 2019

Dear Knoxie: I’m in marketing for a pet store and we use paid search to drive traffic to our e-commerce site. Our sherpa dog beds are a big seller. I wanted to see what our ad looks like, so I typed “dog beds” into the Google search bar. To my dismay, we didn’t show up. If […]