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4 Key Elements of a Competitive Audit

4 Key Areas To Include In Your Next Competitive Audit

by Jamie Reetz • May 9, 2018

It’s easy to get caught up focusing on your own digital presence and forget about the rest of the digital world, aka your competition. While there is much to learn from your own digital performance data over time, looking at your competitor’s digital strategy can open your eyes to: What is working for others in […]

Navigating the New AdWords Interface

Navigating the New AdWords Interface

by Jamie Reetz • January 26, 2018

With just a glance at the new AdWords interface, you can tell there a lot of changes. And these changes are… interesting. Tools we used weekly, or even daily, are in a new place, called a different name, or simply don’t exist yet in the new set-up. Most search marketers have been using AdWords for […]