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The Difference Between a Boosted Post and a Facebook Ad

by Carrie Emgarten • April 28, 2020

What is the difference between a boosted post and a Facebook ad? I hear this question frequently and it is a good one, as the difference can be unclear even if you’re familiar with Facebook. While these two often get mixed up, the difference is very clear. Short Answer: Boosting a post is a quick […]


Crafting an Engaging Experience for Healthcare Professionals on Twitter

by Carrie Emgarten • May 14, 2019

Understandably low on free time, Doctors, Nurses and CEOs in the Healthcare industry want reputable content that applies directly to them in that moment. If not, they keep scrolling… To capture their fleeting attention, your social ads need to be tailored to reach this healthcare professional with the right topic at the right time. Sound […]

Facebook Pixel - How To Use It To It's Full Extent

Facebook Pixel – How to Use It to Its Full Extent

by Carrie Emgarten • May 25, 2018

The Facebook pixel tends to be a gray area when it comes to running Facebook ads. Many know they need it, but few know its full potential. I’ve been at this awhile myself, but, after some research, even I found new uses for pixel data that I didn’t even know existed! What is the Facebook […]

Email Marketing 101

Email Marketing 101: 7 Must-Have Email Campaigns

by Carrie Emgarten • October 26, 2017

As both a marketer and a consumer, I receive (and judge) a lot of emails. With the mass amounts of emails sent every day, your brand needs to stand out. If you have an email list not being utilized for email marketing, you are missing out! No matter the size of your list, there are […]

Content Marketing: Where To Start?

Content Marketing: Where to Start?

by Carrie Emgarten • August 18, 2017

When first looking to start a content marketing program at your company, there are four steps you need to complete before writing a single piece of content. Define goals/mission statement Define audience Define roles within your company Define content Step 1: Define your goals and mission statement This is the first and most important step […]

Pinterest Marketing: 3 Areas to Optimize

Pinterest Marketing: 3 Areas to Optimize

by Carrie Emgarten • April 12, 2017

While attending Social Media Marketing World this past month, I attended a session by Kate Ahl that made me rethink the value of Pinterest marketing for Ecommerce brands. Although many brands have long dismissed Pinterest as just a platform for women “pinning” dream boards, this is now changing. With 150 million active users and an […]

Your Guide to Competitive Social Audits

Your Guide to Competitive Social Audits

by Carrie Emgarten • February 24, 2017

There is a lot to learn from the competition – what they are doing right, wrong and everything in between. A social competitive analysis is a great way to highlight what separates you from the brands you admire most on social media. This type of audit will provide you with data to help you make […]

How To Create An Effective Content Marketing Strategy You'll Actually Use

How To Create An Effective Content Marketing Strategy You’ll Actually Use

by Carrie Emgarten • May 9, 2016

Are you guilty of starting down the content marketing path without a plan? 80% of SMBs are doing content marketing, but only 30% are seeing results! ( Oftentimes, businesses fail to find success because they get caught up in the excitement of the buzzword “content marketing” and forget to set goals, define a strategy, or […]