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How to Choose the Right Keywords for Effective SEO

by Anna Slyter • October 9, 2019

Choosing the keywords to target on a page can be challenging. In an enterprise setting, it can be even more complex because you’re juggling: Multiple business units or product teams (sometimes with unique goals) Staff with differing levels of digital knowledge Legacy web content All of the above factor into what content has the best […]

3 Tales of Technical SEO Blunders

3 Tales of Technical SEO Blunders

by Anna Slyter • February 20, 2018

Let’s be honest. Technical SEO sounds daunting. For the typical marketer, it’s full of enough three-letter acronyms and number codes to fill your spinning head with some choice four-letter words. On top of that, technical SEO rides the line between marketing and web development, so it can sometimes fall through the cracks of responsibility. Confusion […]

The Myth of One Metric To Judge SEO Success

The Myth of One Metric to Judge SEO Success

by Anna Slyter • November 9, 2017

Clients often ask what the best metric is for judging the success of their SEO efforts. Wouldn’t we all like to have a single, reliable metric to put on our reports and be able to point to it and say definitively that our SEO tactics are or are not working? I know I sure would! […]

Image Compression Your Ticket To a Faster Site

Image Compression: Your Ticket to a Faster Site

by Anna Slyter • August 31, 2017

Google cares a LOT about user experience, especially on mobile. They even have a mobile-first index coming sometime in 2018 (although no one seems to have an exact date yet). One of the biggest hurdles to great mobile experience is slow page load time. How many times have you hit the back button on your […]

4 Organic Keyword Wins from Competitive Analysis

4 Organic Keyword Wins from Competitive Analysis

by Anna Slyter • March 27, 2017

Two of the best ways to grow your organic traffic are to gain visibility for new keywords and to increase your position for existing keywords. To do this, you need to understand the competitive landscape on search results pages. You can look to competitor sites to glean valuable insights and ideas that can help you […]