Fortunately and unfortunately, new must-try marketing tools and tricks jump onto the scene every day – and that won’t change anytime soon. From Snapchat to VR to AI, the marketing landscape is anything but predictable. But aimlessly following shiny objects will have you running into a pole sooner or later, so a certain level of focus is more than necessary.

There’s a reason the words of people like David Ogilvy and Dale Carnegie are immortal in the business world. They allowed certain time-tested truths to guide their work – truths like people are emotional beings first and logical beings second, and one must never stop testing. To connect with their audience, they applied principles that will always be relevant, regardless of the latest trends. And that worked.

The truth is, at its very core, “Marketing is really all about understanding these fundamentals of human behavior.” This statement gets at the heart of NordicClick partner and co-founder Adam Proehl’s recent interview in C-Level Magazine. In this interview, Adam shares key marketing principles that always have and always will be effective.

If you’re looking for some straight talk in an industry inundated with up-to-the-minute buzzwords, keep reading the “Six Timeless Principles to Apply to Today’s Marketing” here.

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