Rachele’s main focus at NordicClick is on developing client relationships specifically within inbound and paid search marketing, as well as foster new ideas throughout the agency. The driving force behind Rachele’s career is her passion for embracing technology to create a smarter society; one that utilizes new tools to reach goals efficiently and effectively.

Working in her father’s coffee shop at the Minneapolis Farmers Market during her youth taught her the definition of early mornings, hard work and dedication. After graduating from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities, she worked for the ecommerce department of a Minneapolis-based food manufacturing company. There she redesigned the work flow of online custom orders to sync with production, shipping and accounting to increase profitability.

Coming from the client side, she knows what makes a great agency relationship. Strategy, straight answers, solid reporting and meeting deadlines for deliverables are the core components of her typical day.

Digital breaks geographic boundaries, allowing a story to reach a global audience on an incredibly compact timeline. The exciting nature of this motivated Rachele to seek out a role where she could aid in story sharing in the most impactful ways. As a journalism major, she was taught to be objective and timely. As an online marketer, Rachele knows her clients have a unique story to tell and a product or service to solve problems. Being able to deliver stories throughout online channels, delivered instantaneously as people search across devices to create a more fluid society is why she gets up in the morning.

1. What is your first memory of the Internet?
In 1999, my parents connected us to CompuServe. Besides the various chat rooms you could join and the creative anonymous screen names people selected for AIM (all in the name of expressing yourself), the memory that sticks with me the most is chain mail.

2. Favorite memory of the lake? What does being on the water mean to you?
It seems like every Minnesotan either has a cabin on a lake or knows someone who does. In the land of 10,000, Lake Life is more than just a hashtag. Being on the water provides a sense of relaxation and tradition.

3. How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?
3 cups

4. Most used app on your phone?

5. What’s your karaoke go-to?
Journey – Don’t Stop Believing.

6. Snack you could live on?
Flaming Hot Muchies

7. What is the most underrated movie of all time?