As our Digital Intern, Lizzy helps the NordicClick team by contributing to industry research studies, assisting across client projects, and lending a major hand to our internal social media and content efforts.

A senior at Iowa State University, Lizzy got her start in online marketing assisting with social media for her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. She lends her eye for content and design to Trend Magazine, a student run publication on fashion, beauty, body, and lifestyle for women and men at ISU, and is also involved in fundraising for RIF, an organization that assists in the success of children’s education.

When she’s not working or in school, Lizzy loves hiking, camping, and traveling. Oh, and bragging about her hometown (Duluth, MN).

1. What is your first memory of the Internet?
Spending way too much money and time on my Webkinz that are probably deceased, RIP.

2. Favorite memory of the lake? What does being on the water mean to you?
My favorite memory of the lake was the first time I went water skiing, I had lost both of my contacts, my balance, and my dignity. My second favorite memory was having to wear swimming goggles the next time around and looking like the biggest dweeb on Lake Vermilion, but at least there were no wipeouts.

3. How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?

4. Most used app on your phone?
Spotify 100%

5. What’s your karaoke go-to?
Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra

6. What band/artist would you pay $30K to have play in your living room?
Considering I was born in the wrong generation, The Beatles.

7. Favorite travel location?
Of all the places I traveled to this year, the Swiss Alps were by far my favorite. Did you know you could sled down them? Yeah, I didn’t either before doing it.