Jody assists our web development team on various projects ranging from website maintenance to the coding and deploying of email campaigns. She graduated from North Dakota State University in 2015 with a major in Marketing and a minor in Web Design.

Online marketing first started to interest Jody during high school when she took several Marketing classes and held a Marketing and Sales internship. This interest developed further during college where she held a Web Design internship. Before coming to NordicClick, Jody worked as a Marketing Coordinator for North Dakota State University’s Transportation Institute.

In her free time, Jody enjoys going on bike rides, playing softball, reading, as well as spending time with friends and family.

1. What is your first memory of the Internet?
I remember spending quite a bit of time on Ask Jeeves, AOL chat and

2. Favorite lakes memory? What does being on the water mean to you?
Some of my favorite lake memories are fishing with my cousins back in South Dakota and wakeboarding with friends. My family has always loved spending time together on the lake, so to me being on the water means enjoying the gorgeous weather and being surrounded by the people I love!

3. How many cups of coffee do you drink per day?
Zero, I’m not a coffee drinker (yet).

4. Most used app on your phone?

5. Childhood dream job?
When I was four I really wanted to be a Schwan man and deliver/eat lots of ice cream. Maybe someday…

6. Favorite travel location?
Kauai, Hawaii – The views are absolutely stunning! I loved exploring the island by helicopter and sailing along the coast. I could also definitely get behind “island time” and daily snow cones.

7. What was your first AIM chat name?
As embarrassing as it is to admit, “JoJoMonkeyLover” was my first chat name.