About Our Digital Marketing Agency

Growing Digital for Over a Decade

We’ve been around awhile (since 2006) and have learned a few things along the way. However, one thing that hasn’t changed since the beginning is that we do what’s in the best interest of our clients— first and always. (We don’t work for Google or any other platform service provider… we work for you and build our strategies in a way that most effectively/efficiently achieves your goals.)

Speaking of goals, ours is to build long-term relationships and our track record shows it. To date, we still have clients with us from those first days and gaining that level of trust, loyalty and friendship is what we strive for with every engagement.

Our Vision

To become indispensable partners with our clients by delivering inspired, informed and ethical digital marketing services that drive exceedingly successful results.

Our Promise to You

To provide leading-edge, principally-sound business growth strategies that effectively, and responsibly, achieves your goals.

Our Core Values

Data informs our decisions

Be ethical, accountable and transparent

We are relentless problem solvers

We are active learners and enthusiastic teachers

Our passion for digital is contagious

Value and help one another without reservation

What Makes Us Different?

Simple, we created a, somewhat cheesy, acronym R.A.I.S.E. to succinctly communicate our added value:

  • Results-driven
    • Shiny & new doesn’t = proven OR right. We evaluate and determine that each/every solution is a right-fit prior to recommending.
  • Accountable
    • We own it – period. We don’t run or hide from failure… ours is a culture of testing, learning and adjusting. If something doesn’t perform as expected, we will tell you why along with the plan to correct.
  • Invested
    • We operate best as an extension of your team and immerse ourselves into your business, market and competitive landscape.
  • “Smartly” Strategic
    • Goals, tactics, audience and intent all need to be in alignment for optimal impact.
  • Exhaustive
    • We are thorough in our planning, monitoring, analysis and problem-solving.

Our Culture

NordicClick Team Members

Team spirit is non-negotiable. We turn most things into a friendly competition, whether it’s keeping our Google certifications up to date or the ever so spirited office Fantasy Football League.

Our Team - NordicClick Interactive
We are lake people and believe life is short, just like summer in Minnesota. We work extra during the week so we can get outside at noon on Fridays.
NordicClick Office
We collectively run on 9,490 cups of coffee a year (though some among us choose alternate vices).
Adam Proehl - Pubcon
We love to learn and we wouldn’t have jobs in this ever-evolving industry if we didn’t. We spend as much time as possible reading blogs, testing and attending teaching sessions and conferences.
NordicClick Google Adwords Certified
We have a holistic approach to digital marketing. We know your business is unique, so we aren’t biased toward any one digital tactic. A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t really fit anybody.
Team Collaboration - NordicClick
We’re not saying we’re hard workers because we’re from the Midwest, but if the shoe fits…


We’re proud of the work that we do and the agency we’re becoming, so it’s nice to see when other people think so, too!

Minnesota Business Magazine - 100 Best Companies To Work For - 2014 - NordicClick
Minnesota Business Magazine - 100 Best Companies To Work For - 2016 - NordicClick
Minnesota Business Magazine - 100 Best Companies To Work For - 2017 - NordicClick
Inc 5000 - NordicClick
2018 US Search Award Winner - NordicClick Interactive

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