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Google Data Studio: What You Need to Know

Google Data Studio- What You Need to Know - NC Blog

What is Google Data Studio?

Data Studio, part of Google’s Analytics 360 Suite and one of Google’s newest products, aims to improve the process of visualizing data and sharing reports. Over the past year since its release, Google...
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Native Advertising: 5 Ways to Do It Better

Native Advertising - 5 Ways to Do It Better - NordicClick Blog In the internet era of fake news and clickbait content, consumers are becoming increasingly cautious about what they click on and where they invest their time. Native advertising can be the worst culprit. For example, you’ve...
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Your Guide to Competitive Social Audits

Competitive Social Audits - NordicClick Blog There is a lot to learn from the competition – what they are doing right, wrong and everything in between. A social competitive analysis is a great way to highlight what separates you from the brands you admire most on social media....
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How to Inventory Content During a Website Migration

How-to-Inventory-Your-Content-During-a-Site-Migration-NordicClick-Blog All change is risky. But as priorities shift, companies are acquired, and brands evolve, your online presence (aka your web ‘domain’) may need to move from its current location to somewhere new. Assuming you have had a content creation plan supporting your website for at least one to...
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How to Negotiate Affiliate Placements as a Middle Man

How To Negotiate Affiliate Placements as a Middle Man “ALRIGHT, NOW IT’S SALE TIME, SO REMEMBER, WE DON’T TAKE NO..." “SHIT FROM ANYONE!” “NO.” “WE DON’T TAKE NO PRISONERS!” “WE DON’T TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER.” For those of you that recognized the above quote and were able to name the movie, bravo....
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All Broad Match Is Not Created Equal

All Broad Match Is Not Created Equal It’s not uncommon for changes in Bing to seem like yesterday’s news since they seem to echo AdWords’ changes so often, but every now and then Bing changes something that sets itself apart from its competition. In this blog, I’m going...
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The Rise of AMP and How It Affects You

The Rise of AMP & How It Affects You Google searches have come a long way since smartphones first became popular. One might even say there is no point in having a phone without internet anymore. In fact, the number of searches we make on our phones is...
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SEO in a Connected World

seo-in-a-connected-world I am fortunate enough to have seen the Internet revolution from the beginning. My first job was as an Associate Account Executive at an agency that specialized in Yellow Pages advertising. (Yes, those Yellow Pages that have since gone extinct.) When talking about my career, people often...
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