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Pinterest Marketing: 3 Areas to Optimize

Pinterest Marketing - NordicClick Blog While attending Social Media Marketing World this past month, I attended a session by Kate Ahl that made me rethink the value of Pinterest marketing for Ecommerce brands. Although many brands have long dismissed Pinterest as just a...
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2 Facebook Ad Features That Will Save You Serious Time & Money

Facebook-Ad-Features-Update I am unapologetically thrilled about these two additions to Facebook Ads. I understand... getting excited about changes to the Facebook advertising platform seems a little extreme. Seriously though, these additions to the interface can help you better optimize your promotions and save you valuable time and equally...
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4 Organic Keyword Wins from Competitive Analysis

4 Organic Keyword Wins from Competitive Analysis - NC Blog Two of the best ways to grow your organic traffic are to gain visibility for new keywords and to increase your position for existing keywords. To do this, you need to understand the competitive landscape on search results...
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Google Data Studio: What You Need to Know

Google Data Studio- What You Need to Know - NC Blog

What is Google Data Studio?

Data Studio, part of Google’s Analytics 360 Suite and one of Google’s newest products, aims to improve the process of visualizing data and sharing reports. Over the past year since its release, Google...
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Native Advertising: 5 Ways to Do It Better

Native Advertising - 5 Ways to Do It Better - NordicClick Blog In the internet era of fake news and clickbait content, consumers are becoming increasingly cautious about what they click on and where they invest their time. Native advertising can be the worst culprit. For example, you’ve...
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Your Guide to Competitive Social Audits

Competitive Social Audits - NordicClick Blog There is a lot to learn from the competition – what they are doing right, wrong and everything in between. A social competitive analysis is a great way to highlight what separates you from the brands you admire most on social media....
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